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Fuerteventura, natural beauty and contrasts

The island of Fuerteventura is the second biggest island in the Canary Archipelago. It is an island of contrasts with an enormous natural beauty, showing a sober landscape with a volcanic origin in red and golden colours and shaped by the coolness of the trade winds and the warmness of the close African continent.

Its capital city, Puerto del Rosario, is a space of mild forms open to the sea, inviting its visitors to enjoy its calm. Vast virgin beaches of blue and turquoise waters, among which La Oliva, Tarajal, Jandía and Corralejo, stand out. Its sandy zones mingle with volcanic lands in immense plains and low volcanic cones.

Though it is visited every year by a million and a half tourists, this island has kept intact its extensive natural heritage, with such natural spots like the Montaña de Tindaya, Montaña Cardón, Malpaís de la Arena or Caldera de Gairía, and the Natural Parks of Dunas de Corralejo and Lobos, Pozo Negro, Jandía and Betancuria. The neighbour Lobos Island is only occupied by its Lighthouse, which act as a guide for fishermen fishing by its coasts due to its enormous richness in its sea bottoms.

Fuerteventura has built up its character around its sea. This land has been successively considered as the mythic Altantis, as adventurous land for British corsairs, as land of fishermen, as a land for the exile and finally, as ideal for people wishing to escape from hectic days. Moreover it hosts every year great sea sports events, like the Windsurf World Cup or the Deep-Sea Fishing Championship.