Aware of the importance to maintain sustainable tourism development and assuming the principles adopted specifically in the World Charter of Sustainable Tourism, RELAXIA RESORTS S.L.U undertakes to uphold sustainable management of its activities, through the adoption of the commitments aimed to prevent, eliminate or reduce the negative impact of our facilities and our activities either internal or external, as well as optimize the sustainability of the establishment by improving its coexistence within the environment.

In the same sense, our hotel has adopted the following Responsible Tourism Policy whereby it undertakes to meet the legal requirements which regulate the effects generated by tourism.

Also, we are committed to prepare and motivate our staff by training and awareness actions under the principles of Responsible Tourism Policy, to promote correct environmental procedures in the surroundings, to participate in external activities and to inform as internally so externally about our progress in environmental activities.

One of our main objectives is to improve the sustainable management, applying the commitments of continuous improvement in all areas of sustainability: social, economic and environmental as well as the customer’s satisfaction. To achieve this, the future project of enlargements of our facilities or activities will be submitted to the criteria of sustainability and efficiency in the use of the resources.

This policy of responsible tourism will be updated whenever circumstances require, adopting and also publishing new sustainability goals.

Also, the guidelines and objectives that guide the company in relation to quality is reflected in the following policy has been defined by management.

Within the Quality Management System, the management of RELAXIA RESORTS SLU will:

• Satisfy all applicable requirements, including legal and regulatory requirements.
• Communicate to the organization, through this policy, the importance of satisfying those requirements.
• Make sure establishing quality objectives for each year based on the general objectives defined in this policy.
• Ensuring the total customer satisfaction in terms of quality of services offered.
• Continuous improvement the methodology.
• Perform the work under preventive procedures designed to control and eliminate the occurrence of deficiencies.
• Reorganization of human and material resources necessary for the development of the work properly.

The guidelines of the Quality Policy are:

• Direct the management of the company to the efficiency of the service it provides to its customers
• Caring about providing staff with knowledge and skills along with the experience and improve their competence involve them in the organization, always valuing their participation and support.
• Provide facilities and equipment necessary for the proper execution of the work develops.
• Getting the commitment of all members involved in the Quality Policy and develop a participative quality management that leverages the capabilities of all.
• Implement in our activity a dynamic of continuous improvement in the development of the functions and activities.
• Develop activity considering social responsibility factors.
• Adapt facilities so as to allow accessibility.


The Management of Relaxia Resorts S.L.U. main objective is the satisfaction of the needs of its customers, based on the high quality of its services and its solid environmental, social and community related performance.

We at Relaxia Relaxia Resorts are aware of the importance of preserving the environment and as such we share the commitment to ensure a positive relationship with our community. We ensure that our social and economic impacts are positive and beneficial to the local community on Lanzarote wherever possible

In line with our community policy we especially focus on the following:

• We are an active member of ASOLAN, the local hotel association, and through this forum we are able to promote and improve greater economic and social benefits for the residential and business community.
• We work in close partnership with the local community as part of our social involvement programme by offering opportunities for local artisan, and performers, and by promoting local cultural awareness amongst our guests. We will involve the community in new developments, e.g. new construction projects and guarantee open communication at all times to support local needs.
• We prefer the acquisition of local goods and food in order to support the region and to maintain an ethical supply chain. The preference of local goods and food reduces transportation miles and CO₂ emissions.
• We place priority on hiring locals for all job openings in order to support the socio-economic development of the region and to promote the regional connection of the hotel.
• We actively promote events that help to socially aid the community and will provide support wherever applicable. We offer surplus goods (old furniture etc.) to organisations in need and we support local organisations (schools, hospitals, etc.) by providing the availability of hotel facilities (pools, health suites, conference rooms) free of charge/subsidised.
We view it as our duty to act in a socially responsible manner with respect to our guests, employees, as well as to the local community and environment in which we operate. Through our community policy, we provide an engaging experience for our region, which directly contributes to the quality and atmosphere of our hotels


The Management of Relaxia Resorts S.L.U. main objective is the satisfaction of the needs of its customers, based on the high quality of its services and its solid environmental, social and community related performance.

We at Relaxia Resorts are aware of the importance of preserving the environment. Therefore we have implemented mechanisms to monitor the environmental performance of our business ensuring adequate protection of the environment through continuous improvement using processes or practices that prevent, reduce and control our potential environmental impacts. To comply with legal regulations is considered to be the minimum standard for us.

In line with our environmental policy we especially focus on the following:

- use regenerative energies (solar or geothermal energy for example) as much as possible – minimise the use of water – separate our waste and recycle as much as possible – consider environmental aspects when buying any products

We expect our entire team to be fully involved in the conservation of the environment and therefore realise regular trainings in this area. We also created the working group “Responsible Relaxia Team”, consisting of representatives from each of the departments, to manage environmental matters at our resort.

We want to be recognized as a leading chain in our region and contribute to sustainable development of the whole tourism sector.


The Management of Relaxia Resorts S.L.U. main objective is the satisfaction of the needs of its customers, based on the high quality of its services and its solid environmental, social and community related performance.
The human group Relaxia Resorts consists of people from different backgrounds and nationalities, holding positions in our corporate areas and establishments Islands: Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura, representing a wealth of ideas, values and culture. We have a qualified team with which we, day by day, continue to be well recognized and accepted by our customers, with high fidelity index repeated stays in our complex.
For us at the Relaxia Resorts, people are our most valuable resource and we are committed every day with their professional development. The philosophy and culture of our organization focuses on steady work as a guide, austerity, learning and development of our employees, this being a vital element and distinctive.
Our social commitment leads us to do the following in order to contribute to economic and social development of the destination:
• Carry a socially responsible attitude to employees: Offering stability and security at work, trying to non-discrimination, providing equal opportunities, planning training activities for professional development, providing other social benefits (free meals, discounts in our shops, advances of pay, …). We guarantee that employees receive a contract that as a minimum meets the regulations as stipulated by national law
• Contribute to the occupational integration hiring people at risk of social exclusion: people with disabilities, people with mental disorders, victims of domestic violence, etc. We ensure that a fair system is being implemented, which considers all applicants fairly for all available positions.
• We encourage all employees to continuously develop their skills and offer opportunities for promotion whenever possible. Individual development according to the employee’s wishes is important for us, therefore individual development plans will be coordinated in cooperation with managers and supervisors to ensure maximum employee motivation.


RELAXIA RESORTS S.L.U. are, within their Politics of Social Responsibility committed to prevent and express themselves against abuse and exploitation of children.
According to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child “a child is every human being below 18 years of age, unless under the applicable law, he or her has reached the age of majority before.
Even though our activity is developed in an area in which childhood is highly protected, in Relaxia Resorts, company belonging to the tourism sector, we strongly condemn all forms of abuse and exploitation of children, both within and outside of our organization, and we promise to respond within our sphere of influence to all cases of abuse, be this proven, presumed or an attempt, according to their nature.
The four main categories of abuse of children and which we must recognize in order to be able to act against them are:
• Physical abuse
• Sexual abuse
• Negligent treatment
• Emotional abuse
As well, and within this context, Relaxia Resorts “respects the right of boys and girls to privacy” always fulfilling the legislation in force. Protecting the privacy of the boy or the girl refers to any private information about him or her such as photos, texts, films, etc.